Suzy Coaching Call

This coaching call is a great example of how to approach the practical issues of coparenting that allows for a focus on minimising conflict. It is worth being patient and listening to the whole recording, because the last section contains the most important material. 

Cyd, part 2

This is the recording of a second coaching call with Cyd. There is a section in the middle that has been cut out, in which Cyd did some deep emotional release.

Coparenting Outside of Court

Here’s the thing, whether you go to court or not-you still have to coparent outside of court. Parents who become embroiled in legal battles usually find themselves turning to their lawyer to report every coparenting incident they have. You need to recognise that long after your lawyer has banked your last cheque, you will still…

The Third Way

There are three types of coparenting, and you basically have to choose one of them. The first is Cooperative Coparenting. This  is a coparenting system in which the two parents have a  lot of involvement with each other because they discuss and agree upon many of the details of their children’s lives. This could include…