Hi I'm Naomi

Masters Degree in Social Work

National Accreditation in Mediation

Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Certificate in Early Childhood Education

When you go through a difficult time in a marriage, or you are in a separation or a divorce, you are experiencing a time of life that is extremely challenging. Emotions run high and major life decisions are being made. I help people to face these pivotal times of life with clarity. I help people to avoid making mistakes that hurt themselves and their children and diminish their quality of life. All personal crises are opportunities to make positive changes that can profoundly improve the quality of your life. This is what I help my clients and students do. If you need to find a way to save your marriage, or make it work much better, or if you need to end a marriage without ruining your life with a high conflict divorce, or if you want to raise your children to be healthy and happy despite the problems you face in your life, I can guide you to exactly where you need to go. I am a Marriage Coach and Divorce Coach and a family mediator. I have a Masters degree in Social Work and I am accredited as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP). I also have a diploma in Early Childhood Education. I know how to help people through those really difficult parts of life. I show people things that change the way they see their problems and I give people the tools and insights they need to take a whole new level of control over the areas of life that are giving them the most trouble. I know that so many of us are struggling with serious problems in the most important parts of our lives. Marriage breakdowns and divorce are common and they affect people so deeply. There just isn't enough of the right kind of help when people find themselves in these situations. So many people can't find their way through relationship problems because counselling hasn't worked or because they can't find solutions that are comfortable for them. I turn all of that around with Marriage Coaching. I provide real solutions and I deliver my service in a way that fits into my clients lifestyles and personalities. No more tedious and awkward counselling appointments or discussions with your spouse that only get you both more upset. Divorce is an experience that offers even less viable solutions. The divorce process can be horribly messy, painful, expensive and downright disastrous. It is awful what happens to people, to families, and to children during these unpleasant and ugly processes. I protect my clients from having divorce become a disaster zone that wrecks havoc and leaves peoples lives a mess. I take my clients through every step and attend to every detail. I see the big picture and I see the little details and I walk my clients through shining the light for them so they can find their way safely to a positive future. Children of divorce deserve happy lives. I teach an online course, Coparenting Solutions where I guide you every step of the way to learn how to protect your children and work with your coparent well even if you are troubled by ongoing conflict, control or manipulation.